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. . . the Pleasure is all YOURS!

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Rewards for your own purchases are processed quarterly and are provided as coupons for store credit which can be applied towards any purchase at  Rewards are calculated based on the total purchases you have made in a calendar quarter and the Rewards level (TEASE, BigTEASE, or UltraTEASE) you have attained at the time the rewards are processed.

Rewards earned from your referral activity are paid monthly for every month when you've earned more than $50 worth of referral rewards. You can receive your referral activity rewards as store credit or can elect to receive a cash payment.

Requirement for cash payment are:
1. You must provide nouvelleTEASE with a valid Paypal account (to which all cash payments will be made); 
2. You must provide nouvelleTEASE with a a completed IRS Form W-9.; and
3. You must be at least 18 years of age.
There are absolutely NO LIMITS on how much you can earn by being a TEASE. In fact, you can earn rewards even faster with our BigTEASE program and you can watch your earnings multiply with our incredible UltraTEASE program.

So go ahead, TEASE all you want because . . . the Pleasure (and the Rewards) are all YOURS!
All you have to do is Register with us by clicking on the link at the very top of our website, providing us with your name and a valid email address, and then choosing a Username and Password. You are also registered automatically when you make your first purchase.

Once registered, you will earn rewards on each and every one of your purchases. You can multiply your rewards by referring your 'Friends & Followers' to Just email, tweet or post  the General Link found on your Member's Area homepage. Better yet, send all your Friends and Followers the Coupon Code found within your Member's Area to give them exciting discounts on their first purchases at Anyone not already registers with nouvelleTEASE who uses the Coupon (with or without the link) will automatically be listed in your referral downline.

You can check your reward earnings anytime and everytime you login to your account.

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